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Project Manager Job Description

Project Manager Purpose

The Project Manager will meet the goals and objectives set by the Board of Directors and Working Committees of the Caledonia Food Co-op (CFC). The Project Manager reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the successful planning and completion of the Co-op development process within the given deadline. This position requires excellent management skills to coordinate with the Board of Directors, future General Manager, Working Committees, and the funders, financiers, organizations, developers, and other professionals necessary to complete the development of the Co-op.


Key Competencies and Skills

Two of the most important skills for project management are planning and organizational development skills. Along with these, the Project Manager should have a variety of other competencies, including:

  • Clear and effective communication (verbal and written)

  • Excellent interpersonal skills 

  • Effective team management skills

  • Ability to resolve conflicts and  instances of overlapping responsibilities

  • Effective problem-solving skills

  • Computer/technical knowledge

  • Basic financial acumen

  • Demonstrated ability to: 

    • Motivate and lead others

    • Build an effective management team

    • Manage own and others’ time effectively

    • Handle multiple demands

    • Provide and receive feedback

  • Prior experience as a Project Manager and/or as a grocery store manager is a plus


Primary Duties and Responsibilities of the CFC Project Manager

  • The CFC Project Manager is able to manage more than one project at a time and ensures that multiple objectives are met on the same timeline.

  • The Project Manager is responsible for and informed of every component of the Co-op development project, including financial development, internal readiness, board capacity building, preferred stock offering, membership and member loan campaigns, marketing and communications, and finance and facilities development.

  • The Project Manager works with the treasurer and the Board’s Finance Committee to plan out the resources needed for the Co-op development project, help maintain the organizational budget, and review the pro forma until the General Manager takes over these duties.

  • The Project Manager develops and maintains relationships and communication with cooperative development specialists, Board members, working group members, and the community of potential stakeholders and partners, acting as a link between all parties.

  • The Project Manager prepares and presents project reports on a regular (at least monthly) basis to the CFC Board of Directors.

  • The Project Manager constantly evaluates whether volunteers, Working Groups, and the Board are working efficiently and meeting their goals, and takes corrective actions as necessary.


Areas of Responsibility

  • Planning

  • Finance and Capital Development

  • Communications


General Tasks

  • Planning

    • Coordinate long-range planning process with the Board of Directors.

    • With the Board President, set Board meeting agendas and distribute them to the Board.

    • Participate in regional/national co-op development connections via webinars, phone conferences, etc. with Food Co-op Initiative, CDS Consulting Co-op, National Co-op Grocers DC, etc.

    • Coordinate with architects, vendors, contractors, and the co-op board to build a store that maximizes the co-op’s potential for long-term success.

  • Finance and Capital Development

    • In consultation with the treasurer, revise the operating budgets as necessary and advise the board for its consent on a timely basis.

    • Work with the Board on planning and raising needed funds for the success of the project, including pay for the Project Manager.

    • In consultation with the treasurer, select, secure, and coordinate all legal, accounting, banking, consulting, and other professional services that are deemed necessary for the protection and promotion of the Caledonia Food Co-op.

  •  Communications 

    • Act as liaison between the CFC Board and various constituents.

    • Communicate in a timely fashion with Co-op email and phone calls.

  • General Tasks 

    • Attend Board and Working Group meetings.

    • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors and General Manager, when hired, in a timely fashion.

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