The Caledonia Food Co-op is anchored in exceptional customer service and a commitment to natural and local foods. As a cooperative business, we focus on products and opportunities that promote the long-term health of our customers, the environment, and our community. We strive to be an enduring asset to the local economy and a tangible demonstration of the power and strength of community action.



  • A full-service co-op grocery store (one-stop shopping) in St. Johnsbury.

  • The store will be located in or as close as possible to downtown, for synergy with other downtown shopping.

  • The store will meet the demand for more local, regional, organic, artisanal, and international foods.

  • The store will help the local economy by providing employment and training and keeping more spending in the area.

  • The store will increase local farming through promotion and purchasing commitments.

  • The store will provide opportunities for health and nutritional education.

  • Caledonia Food Co-op, like other co-ops in Vermont and New Hampshire towns, will send a strong positive message about our area’s vitality, awareness, and wealth of food resources. The store will serve the whole area population, making high-quality food available to all. 

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