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Become a Member

The Caledonia Food Co-op needs founding members.  Our goal is the creation of a thriving, full-service co-op grocery store located in St. Johnsbury.  Becoming a member is also the single most important action you can take to help the project succeed. 


The more members the co-op has, the more likely the project is to succeed.  The Caledonia Food Co-op will help the economic redevelopment of the region, providing a new market for local producers, expanded access to natural and organic products, and advocacy for healthy lifestyle choices. 


We believe that a member-owned food co-op will create lasting community resilience and prosperity. Please share our vision and support the effort.  Become a member today!

Our Mission

To create a community owned store that supports local growers and vendors; and that contributes to the economic vitality of the Northeast Kingdom.

Why We Joined

"We’re so excited to be lifetime members of the Caledonia Co-op. Local food and community =

As business owners in St. Johnsbury for almost 25 years, we take seriously what it takes to make this a thriving community. We are excited to have a coop stocked with locally sourced food and products. As they say “it takes a village”. Let’s make this happen. Won’t you join us? 

Greens Build Healthy Communities. 
Stacy, Christopher, Luke Thrall.


We are excited to support the availability of local goods in one convenient location. As we raise our 9th generation Vermont children, it is reassuring to know we will have access to foods and goods that can continue to support both a healthy lifestyle and well being that makes Vermont such a great place to live!

“We are proud and excited to be founding members of the Caledonia Food Co-op. We see it as an investment in our town and local food producers. Please join us in this promising venture!”

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